10 Conversations You Need to Have with Yourself

Everybody's talking at us. In today's world, we are bombarded by voices from the outside that tell us everything from how beautiful, thin, and successful we could be to how frightened and angry we should feel. It's easy to internalize this constant bombardment of negative, agenda-driven noise. When we let them in, these voices can skew our self-image and clash with our personal dreams and values, causing depression, anxiety, workplace issues, family problems, and more. Worse, the cacophony of sound from the modern world can drown out the interior voice of conscience that serves as our inner navigation system. It doesn't have to be that way.

10 Conversations You Need to Have with Yourself takes self-talk to a whole new level. Bestselling author and counselor Rabbi Shmuley Boteach explains how internalized negative voices can pull you away from who you really are and reveals what you can do to rediscover your authentic self and find genuine happiness via guided conversations with yourself. Drawing on dramatic true stories from his work counseling others, he helps you recognize negative self-talk and replace it with positive communication with the real you.

The ten conversations Rabbi Shmuley identifies and explores in this book will speak to your character on the deepest level and help you decide what you truly want from life. With Rabbi Shmuley's guidance, you will discover and learn to listen to:

  • Your true voice of inspiration, which motivates you to be a greater person than you ever believed possible. By speaking with this voice, you will learn to choose love over attention and make use of your ego for positive change.

  • Your voice of conscience, which gives you the power to choose to do what is right over what comes easiest. In conversations with this voice, you will learn how to find feeling through doing and become a blessing rather than a burden.

  • Your inner self, the deepest voice of allthe essence of who you really are. This voice will remind you of the importance of struggle and triumph and the knowledge of your own individual gift.

At the end of each conversation, Rabbi Shmuley provides detailed questions for you to ask yourself. Answering them will help you to create your own personal design for living the way you were meant to live and be the person you were truly meant to be.

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