Beyond Cybersecurity

If private and public organizations are to survive the ongoing cyber-attacks that put their information assets and online processes at risk, they must build effective cybersecurity into their business and IT processes. Beyond Cybersecurity offers a hands-on guide that includes the practical steps institutions can take to achieve digital resilience and protect against cyber-attacks while creating value from technology investments and innovation.

Cybersecurity must move up the corporate and political agenda if institutions are to remain safe and realize the full potential value of innovation. The authors experts in the field of cybersecurity outline the seven hallmarks of digital resilience and offer vital information on how to incorporate cybersecurity into business decision-making. They explain what frontline users can do to protect information assets, describe how to create active defenses in order to respond to emerging threats, and explore how to build incident response skills across business functions.

Beyond Cybersecurity explains how to create an effective cybersecurity program that makes rapid and sustained progress and is designed around three key principles: Encourage collaboration between the cybersecurity team and business partners in order to prioritize risks, make intelligent trade-offs, and change business processes and behaviors, rather than implement technology solutions to manage risks; Focus on resiliency in the broader IT organization to facilitate the convergence of security, efficiency, and agility and ensure that technology platforms are initially designed to be resilient and secure; Upgrade the skills of the cybersecurity team so its managers can understand business risks, collaborate effectively with business partners, navigate a rapidly changing technology environment, influence application and infrastructure environments, and implement active defense tactics.

Using Beyond Cybersecurity as their guide, savvy leaders can improve their cybersecurity capabilities and act in a proactive and determined way.

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