Defending the Digital Frontier

“Corporate leaders need to familiarise themselves with digital security issues as they would with any other major risk they face.” from Defending the Digital Frontier: Practical Security for Management

In today s competitive business environment, information and information systems have become crucial for a company s success. Protecting this information and these systems is vital, but many senior managers believe (mistakenly) that such protection is the responsibility of a technical function and are fearful of asking questions, or even knowing what questions to ask. Additionally, recent corporate failures have focused significant attention on corporate governance and the need for effective and visible identification and management of enterprise risks. Defending the Digital Frontier: Practical Security for Management explains why digital security is a board level governance issue, and describes an approach for creating an enterprise wide security culture based on business led risk management principles.

Written by specialists from Ernst & Young s information security practice, Defending the Digital Frontier: Practical Security for Management is aimed at business executives and outlines a clear plan for ensuring that their digital security approach and programmes will protect their organisation s assets and people. It helps managers to separate hype from reality and gives them the confidence to ask the right questions of their line managers and specialist security personnel.

Many multinational organisations not only need to coordinate their digital security planning globally, but must also deal with sometimes contradictory legislation on issues such as privacy and data management. This Second Edition recognises and explores the global nature of well planned information security programmes.

With detailed examples and real world scenarios, the authors explain how to build a digital security programme that is:

  • Aligned with the organisation s overall objectives
  • Enterprise wide, taking a holistic view of security needs for the extended organisation
  • Continuous, maintaining constant, real time monitoring and updating of policies, procedures, and processes
  • Proactive, to effectively anticipate potential threats
  • Validated, to confirm that appropriate risk management procedures are in place
  • Formal, so that policies, standards, and guidelines are communicated to every member of the extended organisation

Threats to information systems can approach from any direction. But, by strengthening collective digital security knowledge from the top down and developing an ongoing and comprehensive security agenda, every organisation can reap the rewards these systems provide. Defending the Digital Frontier is an essential guide for the business leader.

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