Supernova Advisor Teams

Teams are the cornerstones and the principal building blocks of any successful organization. While the focus of your organization may be on service, quality, cost, value, speed, efficiency, or performance, it is the creation of great teams that remains the winning approach of most organizations across industries including financial services. Supernova Advisor Teams clearly shows how vertical and horizontal teams can transcend organizational silos and boundaries once they are properly focused and supported.

The authors outline the Supernova model that has a proven track record of building collaborative teams that are effective in helping financial services' organizations meet their goals. Supernova Advisor Teams outlines the factors that determine if a team will be successful. Great teams that serve have a unifying vision, a business plan with a delegation of duties and responsibilities for each team member, and they must have a working agenda as they approach each day. Excellent teams schedule communication strategies and performance is measured weekly, and they deal head-on with common failures and dysfunctions. In addition, successful teams are well-coached teams.

Supernova Advisor Teams explores a wealth of topics in-depth including what it takes to ramp-up a financial services' team's effectiveness, which leadership style is best for a particular team, and how to create a targeted vision statement. The authors also explain how to develop team communication strategies and what it takes to onboard a new member on a team. In addition, the book offers suggestions for the manager becoming the coach of a team and how to best use digital tools to enhance a team's success.

With Supernova Advisor Teams as your guide, you will be able to form well-functioning teams that will improve your organization's productivity, boost your clients' experience, as well as enhance your overall teams' satisfaction.

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