ASEAN’s Engagement of Civil Society: Regulating Dissent

ASEAN's Engagement of Civil Society: Regulating Dissent

ASEAN has embarked on an ambitious reform program, a key aspect being its inclusion of civil society organizations in policymaking. This people-oriented agenda parallels developments in regional and global governance institutions elsewhere, where civil society engagement is deemed necessary in addressing these institutions democracy deficit. Scholars have documented the expanded role of civil society organizations in global politics, however prevailing theoretical accounts overlook exactly why and how they are included in policymaking, and how their inclusion shapes political outcomes. This groundbreaking book harnesses political economy analysis to explain this trend. Through the lens of ASEAN, it examines how social and political conflicts define participatory channels. Charting the specific modalities of civil society participation, Kelly Gerard demonstrates that ASEANs people-oriented agenda builds legitimacy, while sidelining ASEANs detractors. ASEANs Engagement of Civil Society demonstrates why and how

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